06/01/2000 - Marat Safin searching for new address.

Now that Marat Safin has stopped working with Spanish coach Rafael Mensua, he is considering moving his longtime residence from Valencia, Spain. While the 20-year-old Russian has some new places in mind, but isn't sure just where he'll hang his hat, he knows for sure he won't be sailing off to America.

"I can't live in the United States - I'd kill myself," joked Safin, smiling. "It's not my style of life, it's not the country for me. I was born in Moscow. Then I went to Spain and my life is like a festival everyday."

When it was suggested that fellow Russian compatriot Anna Kournikova has made her life in the U.S., Safin said she's been there since she was 10-years-old and "has the mentality of an American. "

Safin, who is now working with former Russian star, Andrei Chesnokov, is contemplating a few different locales to be based - staying in Valencia, moving to Barcelona where most of the Spanish players reside, heading to Monte Carlo where many players live and benefit from being in a tax haven, and even possibly looking at Paris where Chesnokov calls home.

If Safin, who has taken charge of much of the European clay court season this year, prevails at Roland Garros, his allegiance to Paris might grow stronger. The lanky 20-year-old arrived at Roland Garros having won the titles at Barcelona and Mallorca and losing in the Hamburg final to Brazilian Gustavo Kuerten.

"I'm here to win, I want to win," Safin said. "I'm sorry if that sounds a little bit aggressive, but I'm ready and I'm here to win this tournament. And with each game I'm getting better."

Since hooking up with Chesnokov at Barcelona he's adopted a never give up approach to the game and this new spirit has led to success. "Something has changed," Safin said. "I spent months when I wouldn't play my best tennis and would just say it was not my day. It was like giving players a Christmas present. Now my opponents know I'm going to fight."