Safin's formula for success - drink, sleep, and train


(October 19, 2000 10:28 a.m. EDT

Marat Safin, in Moscow for next week's Kremlin Cup, enjoys the city's night life, says his part-time coach Alexander Volkov.

"He likes Moscow, he likes its night life, restaurants, good-looking girls," Volkov, who last month guided Safin to his first Grand Slam title in New York, was quoted as saying in Sovietsky Sport newspaper.

However, Volkov, once a top 10 player himself, said Safin's busy night life in Moscow would not interfere with his tennis.

"Safin is a grown-up man already, he is 20 years old, he knows how to regulate himself," said Volkov, who now serves as the director of the men's Kremlin Cup.

"If he goes to a night club, even if he stays there until four in the morning, that does not mean he drinks like a horse.

"He has one or two beers, which is enough. It doesn't bother him. He gets enough sleep, then goes on a court and trains."

Volkov said it would have a negative effect if someone tried to prevent Safin from going out at night.

"It would be stupid to have him train all day," he said.

"That way Marat would still go to night clubs but he would get tired 10 times more than he is used to."