Chatting with Marat Safin


Chatting with Marat Safin from Indian Wells

Marat_Safin: Hello everybody.
julie: how are you?
Marat_Safin: I am much better thank you.
Bullsgurl: safin - what was your most favorite victory?
Marat_Safin: Over Sampras in New York
Henman84: Marat- do you prefer women or tennis?
Marat_Safin: Women
DumGenius: Marat, do you have lucky socks?
Marat_Safin: Yes, I use the same socks every day
zsani: How does it feel to be a Sex Symbol??
Marat_Safin: very scary
zsani: Being sexy is scary??? hahaha how so?
Henman84: Marat - what languages do you speak?
Marat_Safin: Russian, English and Spanish
XYZ: marat, what do you think of the argentinian armada?
Marat_Safin: Nice guys.
MLE: do you like anna kournikova?
Marat_Safin: Maybe I play with her.
Beverly: Marat, why did you pick Wilander?
Marat_Safin: I still dont know
Valou: Marat when you were young did you like mostly play tennis or soccer
Marat_Safin: Soccer
SabrinaLov: Marat, what is your favorite soccer team?
Marat_Safin: spartak moscow
gabrielle: MARAT: Do you find it hard to be a star? Do people recognize you in the street?
Marat_Safin: the stars are only in the sky
Bullsgurl: Marat: What is your favorite tournament?
Marat_Safin: roland garros
Patty_love: I won't sleep until you send me a kiss. Please!
Marat_Safin: big kiss to patty
Bounchik: Are you coming to Montreal this year?
Marat_Safin: yes i am coming to montreal
Jas: Marat, what's your relationship with the rest of the russians?
Marat_Safin: Very good, they are great guys.
Henman84: Marat - will you ever win Wimbledon?
Marat_Safin: If you want me to win it I will.
Mrs_Guga: Marat, what is your favorite movie?!
Marat_Safin: Ronin and Heat.
Bounchik: What is your lucky number?
Marat_Safin: 9
YOYO: Are you coming to Colombia?
Marat_Safin: Hola Colombia.
Mrs_Guga: Marat, favorite song?
Marat_Safin: La cucaracha.
brazilian: Please say hello to Brazil, Marat.
Marat_Safin: Hola a Brazil.
Mrs_Guga: Marat, who is favorite singer?
Marat_Safin: Eminem
Bounchik: Are you going to win more than seven titles this year?
Marat_Safin: i have to win 7 titles
Lucyta: Por favor, dime algo o me haras llorar
Marat_Safin: algo lucita
Marat_Safin: Bye bye, everybody. I have to go eat. Good night.